Residential Fire Sprinkler Design

We have proven that we can create system designs that meet the stringent regulations set out by regulatory standards. We work closely with our clients and other trades to provide the best possible design solutions to all of our projects. Our team of designers has extensive industry experience, which enables us to provide practical solutions for any potential issues before they reach construction phase. It is vital for Watermatic keep ahead in this ever-changing construction design sector.

Residential sprinkler systems are a lot more demanding than they first appear. Each sprinkler head must be positioned to ensure that the protected rooms is covered correctly as well as being sensitive to the visual design of all floors in general. Then the pipe routes need to be worked out with correct diameter pipes, which can take up as little time as a few hours or weeks depending on how big and complex your building is.

Fire Sprinkler Designs

All our designs take into account BS9251 and other relevant technical/guidance documents. On receipt of suitable drawings of the building to be protected, design engineers will start by adding fire sprinkler heads in accordance with the requirements of BS 9251 and manufacturer recommendations.

The sprinkler system pipe work is then added to connect the fire sprinkler heads to supply pipes, either a direct water supply from incoming mains or a water storage tank with a pump set.

Full hydraulic calculations (FHC) are then carried out using Canute software, which determines how much pressure is needed for this system and how much flow is necessary based on your needs. Networking systems between these pipes will be adjusted so that all sprayers perform according output data in order meet safety standards: British Standards Institute(BSI).

Fire Sprinkler Design Plan

Our engineers will line up the fire sprinklers with your lighting plan. We’ll discuss any problem areas that come to light in order to accommodate both British Standards and your wishes if necessary.

Once approval is given on these designs, we are ready for production of a design document which will be forwarded along while working drawings are being prepared for use by installation engineers who carry out construction tasks at site level or in-house.

If there are deviations from what was originally planned during installation work, these deviations have to be noted so they can be corrected upon agreement between manufacturers and designers.

residential fire sprinkler design


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As you would expect from a leader in fire sprinkler supply and support, we only employ LPCB qualified engineers. This Loss Prevention Certification Board standard provides our team – and Watermatic in general – with a globally recognised service accreditation.

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Another important hallmark of Watermatic Fire Sprinklers is our responsive and thorough customer service, and willingness to ‘sprinkle’ our professional insights on every project we handle.