More about our fire sprinkler customer services

Watermatic assigns a project manager to all fire sprinkler design, installation and maintenance projects.

This is a single point of contact for H&S personnel, facility managers, architects, builders and anyone else updating or creating building sprinkler systems.

We provide active fire management services tailored to each property and its safety needs. Starting from the best ways to configure fire sprinklers correctly, to the requirements of 25-year inspection rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations (BSEN12845).

Do you need to know how to retrofit fire sprinklers or the steps involved in relocating or extending fire sprinkler systems?

In some cases, we can provide emergency help with fire sprinkler issues.

It’s the sort of responsive expertise that has earned Watermatic a strong reputation for being knowledgeable and trustworthy, in this crucial commercial safety sector.

Simply ask for a survey or free advice from our active fire safety experts.

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