Managing legacy fire sprinkler systems

Where can you get the best advice for existing commercial fire sprinklers in large residences, workplaces, education buildings and healthcare properties?

Clients often approach the fire sprinkler experts at Watermatic to ask for help with existing fire sprinkler installations. Or, to commission retrofit water sprinklers in buildings.

We are happy to discuss fire sprinkler maintenance and repair contracts too, including ongoing support across multiple buildings in the UK and Ireland.

Or, we can check, repair or improve legacy fire sprinklers as a one-off project.

When do you know it’s time to replace fire sprinklers? As part of our end-to-end water sprinkler consultancy service, we provide honest and reliable advice. Including how to make fire sprinkler modifications, the best ways to create fire sprinkler extensions, and when to commission new water sprinkler equipment to manage fire risks in your premises.

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