Legal obligations on fire safety

As we are a trusted supplier of fire sprinklers, you can be confident our equipment does its job brilliantly and also helps you pass fire safety inspections.

That’s because our help in commissioning fire sprinkler systems keeps you up to date on the latest national fire management rules. Such as the BS 5306 Code of practice for extinguishing installation and equipment; Building Regulations; DoE rules on fire safety in schools; and BAFSA (British Automated Fire Sprinkler Association) guidelines.

We can answer questions such as the locations where water is the most effective fire control material. As the fire sprinkler experts at Watermatic take their responsibilities extremely seriously, we can also provide important insights on when you need foam or powders to extinguish and control fires.

In other words, our experience, knowledge and constant research save you a great deal of time and ensures you can be fully confident in your active fire suppressant equipment

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