Competitively priced fire sprinklers and safety

Working with Watermatic can start from designing new or replacement fire sprinkler systems, and sourcing the best equipment and accessories.

Sprinklers (also categorised as Automatic Fire Suppression Systems or AFSS) save lives. They give building occupants a vital chance of exiting safely.

Having them installed in your building also reduces the damage flames and heat can cause to structures, equipment and stock. Of course, fire sprinklers for heritage properties are crucial to preserving historic legacies too.

There’s another powerful reason to invest in the best fire sprinkler equipment. Its activation can keep firefighters safer while they respond to incidents on your premises.

Making fire sprinklers from Watermatic is crucial for schools, hospitals, workplaces and public buildings. As well as for any multi-occupant residential buildings (such as flats, student accommodation and care homes).

No fire safety measure should be overlooked or left to chance. A message-driven home to the property sector by the tragedy of June 2017, when 72 people died in a fire at Grenfell Tower flats in North Kensington.

It reinforces the moral, ethical and legislative duty to find reliable suppliers of fire safety equipment, and instal them in public, commercial and multiple-resident buildings.

Ask about our help in creating active fire suppression systems you can depend on.

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